Lessons Learned in 2014…A Recap of This Year’s Adventure Part 1

XterraThanks to some amazing people  and great opportunities, 2014 has been an adventure that I’m excited to continue into 2015. The highlights of the year have come in the last several months, with wins at the Warrior Dash and Xterra Trail Run World Championships. But so much of what has made this year great started in the Spring. So I thought I’d kick off my blog and 2015 with a recap of 2014.

Bittersweet is the best way to describe my track season. Despite a six second PR (9:51.29) in the steeple, I didn’t make the finals at the USATF Championships. PRs are always great because it means you ran faster than you have EVER run. So always take time to recognize and enjoy the hard work that you put into training when you accomplish something your body has never done before. But for me, not making the finals felt like that race when someone you usually finish ahead of beats you. This helped me realize I needed to make a fitness jump and get comfortable with being uncomfortable if I wanted to compete at the highest level.

Photo credit: Tracktown Photo

Photo credit: Tracktown Photo

Later that weekend, I had the pleasure of watching my good friend Alexi Pappas run really well and have what she would call a “brave” performance. Amidst her great year of racing on the track and roads, Alexi always showed the same excitement for everything her friends and teammates were doing as she did for her own racing. Her unique ability to make people feel like they are part of her journey and inspire others, helps the rest of us appreciate the incredible group of friends, teammates, and community we have around us. Competing really isn’t all about hitting a time or finishing in a certain place, a lot of it is about taking risks, testing yourself, and seeing what you can do. It’s not about what other people expect, it’s about what you believe. It’s not about what might happen if you go out too hard and have to crawl over the last barrier, it’s about the possibility that you can find something in yourself that you have never found before.

As an athlete, you quickly learn that Summer is the time when lots of athletes make changesTRE Logo. With so many friends moving on to try new things and different locations, it’s always hard not to wonder if we should be doing the same. Eugene is a unique town with a dynamic community, but can be a place that you either grow out of or you grow into, depending on many factors. I have definitely grown into Eugene and I think there’s a wonderful community of people who have done the same. I feel lucky to be part of a team full of wonderful people and to have the opportunity to do all the things I love: training, competing, coaching, and teaching.

I am a pretty lucky lady, with lots of people in my life who do amazing things. Whether it’s in grad school, teaching, research, community involvement, or artistic endeavors, it’s been inspiring over the last year to see the hard work and dedication of these people. Every time I’m busy and tired, I think of the endless hard work these people put into the many things they’re involved in, while also balancing their own training. Their passion for what they do is contagious. Whenever there’s a question in my head about why I’m putting so much time, energy, and resources into being a professional athlete, I quickly remember I do it because: I LOVE IT. I love competing and seeing what my body can do, and those are the only reasons I need. I hope I can continue to cultivate these passions in myself and help spread that contagious excitement for track, trail, and obstacle racing.

More to come on lessons learned in 2014, but what inspiring people do you have in your life? And how do you plan to inspire others this year?



2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in 2014…A Recap of This Year’s Adventure Part 1

  1. Kimber, you are an inspiring person in my life. Your charm and grace with your rock-solid physical performance show that one can be a star athlete and a very nice person. Way to go!
    Even though I sit most of the day at work, I’m getting out more to run, hike, bike ride, dance and paddle and letting my co-workers know about it. Maybe they’ll be inspired to get out more, too. Colleen

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    • Colleen, thank you so much! I’ve been lucky to have so many well-rounded, inspiring people in my life like you. I love that you are always exploring and trying new things. Hopefully your friends and colleagues will start joining in on some of your fun. Hope you enjoyed the holidays!


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