And the Liebster Awards go to…

A couple weeks ago, friend and fellow blogger Becca Rhodes with Caffeinate Your Life nominated my blog for a Liebster Award. You can get to know me a little better by reading that post (click here), but I also hope you’ll take a minute to check out the blogs of some of my Liebster Award nominees below.

The Liebster Award is built on the idea of identifying people and blogs we enjoy and believe in and passing the Award on so 019982dca91d337bfc1a7803451900d73cc122ad02_00002readers can get to know the authors a little better. I’ve been reflecting on the idea of a community of people believing in each other and paying it forward. Whether it’s work, family and friends, or training, most of us have a group of people surrounding us. The right community of people can help you achieve your goals, while also making you a better person. So surround yourself with good people who believe in you and bring positive energy into your life.

01ee74ab83a4b7c55f14bf997c5cba251b9d52cbb2 But it goes beyond this. More and more I’m learning the importance of spreading joy, energy, and support to the people in your life. It’s easy to get busy and forget about taking time to pour a little love and energy into our friends, family, and community members. I’m guilty of this way too often. But I always find that the things and people you put energy into usually return that energy with ten times the strength and at the most critical times.

CoachingI’m lucky I landed amongst incredible communities in all the different aspects of my life: running, coaching, teaching, and family and friends. These people believe in me more than I believe in myself, support me through words, actions, and resources, and always help me to be a better athlete, coach, teacher, and person. I learn from them every day. And although I know I can never repay them for all their support, one of my goals for this year is to put more meaningful time and energy into my community. I want to pay it forward rather than just repay.

Perfectly timed inspiration from someone in my BurnThis FitFam to be disciplined.

Perfectly timed inspiration from someone in my BurnThis FitFam to be disciplined.

We aren’t all lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are passionate about health and fitness, but with the many social media resources available, our community can extend far beyond our geographical location. I’ve recently discovered a phone app called “Burn This.” The BurnThis app provides motivation for working out, healthy eating, and achieving our health and fitness goals by creating a community where people can share their progress, inspiration, challenges, and motivators. You can post pictures and quotes, check out other people’s posts, and participate in challenges. When you’re in need of some inspiration, go check it out!

When it comes to fitness, the body can do superhuman things when someone else is counting on you. So whatever your health and fitness goals are, my advice to you would be:

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Create a community of support
  3. Believe in others and pay it forward
  4. Use the energy and support of others to fuel you

With that said, I’d like to nominate a few blogs written by people I believe in for the Liebster Award. Check out these blogs. What are some of your favorite blogs? Where do you find your support aLiebsternd energy?

Bridget Franek: Steepling Barriers Chasing Dreams,
Miss Mel Made A Mistake, Runner Marci, Run Team Webb, The Camping Challenge 2015, Herro Miss Rara,
Shannon Leinert: Finding Your Stride, Beauty and Change

Here are my Liebster questions for these bloggers:

Why do you blog?
What is the biggest life barrier you have had to overcome?
What is the life moment that has significantly contributed to who you are as a person?
What are you most proud of?
What is one quote/saying/mantra you want to live by this year?
What is your guilty pleasure?
What is the one food staple that is always in your kitchen no matter what?
Describe your perfect day.
When you’re having a bad day, what is the one thing that always makes you smile?
What is the best kept secret in the place you’re living now?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


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